Blue Mediterranean

Fresh scent with citrus nuances that evokes bright skies and blue waters.

Tender sweet notes balance the vibrant heart of this fragrance with personality.

Travel to the Mediterranean sunsets through its essences.

Scottish Spirit

Let yourself be enveloped by the masculine and personal aroma of Scottish malts, leather and barrels.

Elegance and harmony with a slight note of high freshness.

Transport yourself to distinguished armchairs where you can breathe the subtle fragrance of elegance and masculinity.


Relax through the sweet and clean notes of amber.

Fresh notes of green orange make their way through the sweet and earthy heart of Amber, to elevate our sensations.

A journey of calm and freshness through the senses.

Classic Mint

Fresh scent with light citrus notes which remains to the nice and refreshing brise.

Sweet notes that combined with the fresh mint provides a feeling of nature in the fern woods.

Revitalising. Suitable for all skin types.